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Gary Dighton Memorial 10

With less than one week to go before the nationals I needed a race this weekend to get some speed into my legs and push the form as high as I can before tapering. I knew a few people who said the P415 in Poole is worth a visit and luckily there was an event on Sunday. This meant a 4:30am wake up to get to Poole. I drove the course to have a look and recce the two roundabouts which the course runs straight through as well as the far turn.
I had a long warm up spinning out the legs before getting all my kit on. I wanted to do a complete run through for the nationals so I wore and used the exact same equipment I'll use on Thursday in Stockton.
The start is rapid and I was lucky to get a clear run through the first roundabout onto the dual carriageway where I got going. I got lucky on the second roundabout too and could straight line it. The initial buzz of starting the TT had now worn off five minutes in and my legs were beginning to feel the big weeks I'd put in recently. I got to the turn but didn't know what my split should be having never ridden the course but I seemed to be going well and caught my two minute man soon after the turn. The course dragged up for a while over a flyover and at 15 minutes in I thought I might have overcooked this. I had to roll through the first roundabout due to traffic but this let me have a few seconds rest and I managed to push on over the final bridge to the finish in 19:31. It was also nice to receive the Gary Dighton Memorial Trophy in whose memory the event was held.
I was pretty happy with the ride in sticky conditions and no one else did a sub 20 so I had a clear win and PB power again for a 10 so I'm looking good for Thursday. 
It'll be all easy this week with a week of tapering!