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National 50 and Local 10

I was keen to test out my form this weekend with two races: a local 10 on the S4 on Saturday evening followed by a quick turnaround for an early start on Sunday morning for the National 50 which was also on the S3.
By Friday I had racked up 12.5hrs already so I knew there was going to be some fatigue but these two races were just build races and not primary objectives. On Saturday morning I went out for a spin to loosen up the legs before heading down to Buckfastleigh that evening for the 10. I was last off so after reports of a tough headwind on the return I knew it was going to be difficult to ride a 19 today. I started strong but held back a little knowing the final drag into the headwind for the last few miles were going to be hell. I got to the turn in less than 10 minutes due to the tailwind and as soon as I started back I knew it was going to be tough. I hit the last bridge with a long 17 which means a 19 was on the cards so I pushed on but the finish just seemed to never arrive with the most brutal headwind finish. I emptied it pushing well into the red and watched the time tick over 20 minutes before crossing in 20:14 to take the win. 
What was great was the massive new power PB so I knew my training was paying off. I actually had a recovery drink after this which is rare for me but the thought of the 50 in less than 10 hours time was not appealing.
After a quick bike clean and a quick wash for the skinsuit I was in bed but a can of Red Bull before the 10 meant I only got around four hours sleep before the 4:45am alarm went off. 

I'd never ridden a 50 so I had no idea how to pace it. I was worried about overdoing it especially with the headwind return so naturally I rode too easy to the turn. My split was 2 minutes slower compared to others who placed near me but my return leg was pretty good. I managed to really push on up Bickington and over the other side of Marley Head in the last 10km or so. I had an okay time of 1:50:02 placing me 19th overall but knowing I could've gone faster frustrated me. It's all a learning experience though. 

Overall I had a pretty good weekend and training is going well. I'm racing the P415 in Poole next Sunday for my final race before the Nationals and then it's taper time. Finally. 
6am in Plympton - a great start to Sunday morning!